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Daylesford Dharma School is a not-for-profit incorporated association with tax concession charity status governed by a Board of Governance comprising between six and nine Board Members.

Daylesford Dharma School Inc (DDS) is an independent, non-profit, fee paying school that provides grades pre-school through to year six with the Victorian school curriculum. Being the first school of its type in the southern hemisphere, and one of only four in the world, it also integrates Buddhist approach and practice with school life and is open to all.

Students and their families live in the Daylesford region and surrounds up to a 40 km radius. Currently there are sixty students attending DDS, a teaching staff of seven, part time administrative personnel and the school Principal. The stakeholders of the school consist of the parents of students and their families, the Buddhist community, and the wider Daylesford community.

DDS is now entering a new phase of its development.  As of November, 2015, DDS purchased land within Daylesford, to which the school will relocate at a future date, departing its current rented location. DDS is planning to build the infrastructure and various buildings on the new site as funds are available. As part of the strategic plan, DDS will start adding secondary school year levels starting with year seven and grow the secondary school incrementally.  This is expected to occur with the next four years.

Key Values

The School has determined that its key values are:

  • the practice of non-harm
  • the path of wisdom and compassion
  • community in sustainable co-existence
  • the view of interdependence
  • the development of intelligence informed by universal responsibility.


The School’s ethos can best be summarised as being a school community abiding in the view of compassion and universal responsibility.

Roles & Responsibilities of Board Members

The first and primary duty of the Board is to ensure that the School’s fundamental principles embodied in its Key Values and Ethos are carried out and implemented.

The Board’s role is to govern the School and not to be involved in its day-to day management.  It is senior management’s role to manage the School in accordance with the strategic goals set by the Board and under its direction.

The Board is responsible for and should determine all matters relating to policy and practice. It has overall responsibility to ensure that the School is well-managed and that its operations are successful. It must do all things necessary to ensure that the School meets its objectives as set out in the School’s Founding Document.

Without limiting the generality of the Board’s role, its principal functions in relation to the School are to:

  • Set goals and provide strategic direction;
  • Act as an interface between the School and various members of the School’s constituency, namely the parents, the staff and the students;
  • Specifically oversee the strategic planning of the school’s relocation.

Expectation of Board Members

  • Be prepared for, and actively participate in, Board meetings and events, including the AGM;
  • Undertake a time commitment of minimum ten to twelve hours per month - includes Board preparation, Board meetings, Sub-Committees, Working Parties and other meeting time.
  • Have a high level of commitment to the work of DDS Inc., and an understanding of the organisation and our key focus areas;  
  • Knowledge and skills in one or more areas of Board governance: Board & Governance Experience, Primary or Secondary Education Experience, Legal including contracts and HR, Philanthropy links, Fundraising & Income Generation Skills, Financial Reporting & Treasury; and
  • A willingness to invest in developing his/her own personal and professional development.

Specific Skills Sets Sought

We seek two to three directors with the following skill sets:

  • Knowledge and experience of the education system and pedagogy;  
  • Fundraising & Income Generation Skills and/or Financial planning;
  • Legal / finance.

The Daylesford Dharma School is at a challenging stage of its development and additional input from Board Members is required from time to time.  A Strategic Plan is under development that sets the future direction for the organisation and sees DDS develop as a centre for learning based on Buddhist philosophies and principles.

Who should Apply

DDS is seeking applications from suitably qualified and passionate individuals to fill ‘Ordinary member’ positions and potentially ‘Office Bearer’ positions in the future.

How to apply

Complete the Expression of Interest Form and provide further details of your experience and qualifications, skills and attributes, and why you are interested in becoming a DDS Inc. Board Member, together with contact details for three referees are to be received by Friday 5 pm on 3 March 2017 and will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Applications can be submitted by mail Attention: 

Tracy Anthony, Board Secretary,

Daylesford Dharma School Inc.

11 Perrins Street, Daylesford VIC 3460

Or preferably email


Join our Board

Daylesford Dharma School is seeking applications from suitably qualified and passionate individuals to join the Board of Governance Find out more here.


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