Daylesford Dharma School is operated through a 3 tiered governance and management structure, designed to meet the management needs of a rapidly developing student population.

Level One: Philosophical Mentorship

Level Two: Board of Governors

Level Three: Committee of Management


Philosophical Mentorship

The first level of Governance is provided by the Spiritual Mentor, Honorary President and Honorary Chairperson who offer over-arching guidance for the school’s philosophical development.

These three mentor positions are held by:

Spiritual Mentor – His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama, Buddhist representative.

Honorary President – Venerable Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche, Essential Education representative.

Honorary Chairperson – Venerable Geshe Konchok Tsering, School Founder.

Board of Governance

The second layer of governance is provided by the Board of Governance which comprises 5 members approved in consultation with the Honorary Chairperson. The Board will ensure that the school fulfils all legal, financial and educational obligations as a not-for-profit education provider.

The Board of Governance assess the school’s functioning and accountability informed by the high level of ethical conduct and integrity expected by our philosophical mentors in combination with fulfilling its legal and statutory obligations as set out by the Australian Government and the Victorian State Government.

From time to time the Board of Governance will meet with it Spiritual Mentor and Honorary President to request guidance, direction and affirmation in matters relating to the Buddhist philosophical principles that underpin the foundation of the school culture.

Committee of Management

The third layer is represented by four Management Committees supported by and reporting to the Board of Governance. These committees comprise:

Fundraising Committee: This committee involves parents and community members and is coordinated with the school’s Grants Officer.

Parent-Teacher Committee: This committee provides a pathway for input into school vision development, assists in identifying and providing input into pastoral support programmes, as well as organising school community gatherings and supporting fundraising events.

Special Events Committee: This committee provides a pathway for interfaith dialogue and events, social justice and community awareness and service activities. Students are actively encouraged to become involved with this committee.

Buildings & Grounds Management Committee: This committee is responsible for overseeing the maintenance schedule of the school buildings, grounds and equipment. It is coordinated by a registered builder and makes regular reports to the School Director and Board of Governance and provides in-put into the strategic development committee.

Prep Open Day

May 28th 2014

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